Trimming Your Bent Shaft Paddle with Purpleheart

Purpleheart is one of my favorite woods. Probably because it is such an amazing color. Purple is not something I commonly see at all in nature. Seeing large chunks of it is particularly impressive. Each paddle in a quietwater paddles canoe paddle kit comes with trim pieces. Purpleheart is my default option for the trim pieces in the kit. Other options are available if you are interested as well (e.g peruvian walnut, aspen, paduak, or pine).

After sanding purpleheart regains its vivid color

The picture above shows a partially complete paddle at the top with purpleheart as part of the shaft. It has been sanded. The third piece was cut and left alone for two days. The second, fourth and fifth pieces are freshly cut. The difference between aged and fresh purpleheart is distinct. To my eye anyway.


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