Canoecopia 2015 paddle making seminar

Nancy from Rutabaga called the other day and offered me a spot at Canoecopia this year! Rutabaga is the paddlesports company that puts on Canoecopia every year. Nancy Saulsbury is the project manager. Canoecopia is the first sign of spring for about 20,000 paddlers, which is about how many people show up in Madison, WI. each year to attend this three day event. It’s like the CES for paddlers except it’s in Madison not Las Vegas and there’s beaucoup boats of all shapes and sizes and not so much electronics. Saturday from 1-4 PM, quietwater paddles is doing a three hour open house / seminar on paddle making up in the Atrium. There’s a ton of educational seminar type sessions, which is what makes Canoecopia different from normal trade shows. There’s also a ton of vendors and manufacturers of everything under the sun in the outdoor rec world. Big fun walking the aisles!


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