F is for Fiberglass

One use of epoxy is bonding wood to wood. Laminating shaft strips comes to mind. Another way to use epoxy though, is in conjunction with fiberglass, a truly miraculous material. Epoxy and fiberglass together create a stiff, strong, waterproof surface that is amazing. In the paddle world I find it impressive considering how flexible the underlying wood tends to be.

I started to look into providing a simple link to the history of fiberglass as well as to how fiberglass works. After all, the cloth and the fibers must be fairly absorbent right? What I found was a whole other world.

The fiberglass I know and enjoy comes from the same source, it’s the same weight and I always use the same epoxy with it. I trust my workflow. I know the materials work together and I know they are waterproof. But there is alot beyond my simple workflow. It’s a fascinating subject, if you are in to industrial materials. I kind of am, but not so much. It does however make me feel good that a kit from quietwater, takes the guesswork out of which epoxy to use with which fiberglass and which weight of fiberglass and which weave of fiberglass. And there are more question where those came from.

A four ounce fiberglass layer on both sides of a paddle blade is what makes my paddles work. They wouldn’t be the same without this miracle fiber.

adios until “G” brings us together again.


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