K is for kink

When it comes to hand tooling wood, one needs to be vigilant. Usually this is part of being totally engrossed in what you are doing, so the two happen at the same time. Kinks are what I call abrupt changes in the wood grain that creates a tear out or a sudden dive or some other event that takes your work off in another direction.

Wood can be unpredictable. Just when it lulls you to sleep with its consistent grain…boom the changes happens and your plane takes a dive or your spokeshave digs in. It happens. To the best of us. It’s part of working with a real, physical, natural substance. It’s also why having a workable Plan B around is a good thing.

Nature will always do the unpredictable. Accepting this is part of what working with your hands and wood will teach you. If you want consistent, go with man-made. If you want natural, then know that you will have to contend with the unpredictable like kinks in the wood grain, that may mess up your plans.


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