M is for min and max

There’s too much of a good thing and then there’s not enough. This describes the care and handling of epoxy when joining wood. There’s a time when too much epoxy is applied to the join surface. The max is exceeded. This means there is more epoxy than needed to make the ideal join. You are wasting expensive liquids for no additional gain. When pressure is applied the extra liquid is simply squeezed out of the joined surface and wasted. And then there is the opposite, not enough epoxy is applied to cover the joined surface. The join absorbs all of the liquid and is left “wanting” more. The join dries in a less than saturated state leading to a join that is not as strong as it should be.

Like Goldilocks, joining wood is knowing the difference between too much, too little and just right. Thankfully, you get a feel that fairly quickly. Most people understand that the join surface should be covered, but not thickly covered. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. And there is such a thing as “just right”. Experience shows you the way, fairly fast.


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