O is for overseas shipping

Shipping is an ongoing issue. Affordably getting a kit overseas so far has not happened. The shipping is more than the kit. Hopefully the overseas paddle maker can buy the book or the ebook and at least have a bit more perspective on the process.

Length is an issue as is the case of something long, thin and narrow. It takes up space yet offers little weight, so they add on a surcharge. It’s this surcharge that makes things so expensive. Length restrictions have inspired a "scarf joint" paddle project. I’m going to start that next and document building a paddle with each shaft strip having at least one scarf joint in it. Scarf joints, done correctly, are supposed to be stronger than the wood being joined. Hopefully, this paddle will prove it and if it does, one solution to the overseas shipping issue will be lessened. Shorter pieces make for a more affordable shipping cost.

We’ll soon see how it goes.


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