A bit of Color and Splash

A glory shot of some grass in the fall light, with some paddles thrown in, too. While cedar paddles remain atop the pile, there are other options out there. The three paddles in this batch of images all (hopefully) off some inspiration for the paddle builder – or the paddle kit gift giver!

I have long since quit writing ‘this is my favorite’ or ‘this is my main’ paddle. I use them all and like them all. I shaped the shafts and handles, so each one fits my grip. I put the bend and blade pieces in just the right position (for me) so each paddle behaves just like I want it to. And each one has a bit of personality and a story to tell.

This is the beauty of building your own paddle………try it you just might like it!

(hint: both quietwater and wavetrain sell paddle kits for canoe and SUP enthusiasts that have a DIY itch to create their own ‘thing’.


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